Program Notes
In February 2016 I experienced an inspiring, solitary wonder as I gazed at a seemingly insignificant object, a street lamp, composing a poem as I did so. Through the course of my writing the poem, a seemingly insignificant object became extremely significant. I understood this process as an experiential mindfulness meditation on a single entity, an exploration of its existence. The octet I started writing a year and a half later became less of an imagining of the poem, and more of an examination of the object itself. In some ways, I see the octet as a sonic manifestation of not only forms of light, but also of spiritual exploration. This piece is an impulse produced from the meditative state of exploring an object, an object that lent itself to the exploration of something deeper. The title of each movement is a line (sometimes slightly altered)taken from the poem, each line describing a different form of light, as well as a different stage of spiritual exploration.
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