Program Notes
When composing this piece, I asked each member of the ensemble to give me some kind of document representing a dream or quasi-dream-state experience; such an experience could be an actual dream or a meditative session. The results included lists of words, descriptions of dreams or dream-like experiences, and abstract drawings. Each of the five movements of the piece is based on the dream-state documentation of one of the players (including myself). The piece derives from a Hindu philosophical idea that a seemingly complex world surfaces a singular interior. A seemingly bizarre and incoherent set of texts are both derived from and ultimately produce singular meaningful lines and sentences. Contrasting sounds — spastic and calm, sustained and punctuated — as well as continuous and broken line-fragments are derived from a single source, a set of ragas (Indian musical modes). Underneath the ostensibly complex layers lie unique fundamentalities.

Performed by Benton Gordon (flute), Timothy Hommowun (oboe), David Mayrhofer (clarinet), Varun Rangaswamy (bassoon), and Tasha Shapiro (horn).​​​​​​​
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