Program Notes
The main gesture in this piece is the failing or falling of some entity. That entity can be anything… a bird diving in flight, a feeling of anxiety flowing from head to foot, a waterfall, a fuel gage emptying… The juxtaposition of different musical manifestations of this gesture is an attempt to reconcile the schisms of perception. The consonant vocalizations come from a pneumonic from the Kannada alphabet, my native language. I represent the Kannada alphabet in English letters, and these vocalizations supplant the effect of the fallings. What I have created here is an amalgamation of seemingly separate elements that really all represent the same thing—falling. What may sound unrelated when heard individually, when put together create a unifying effect. The concept of undeniable connectedness is what has inspired me to write this piece. It is my hope that the mirror effect can be achieved: that the concept in this piece can be applied to all things in life, just as I have applied a concept from all things in life to this piece.

Recorded by Del Sol String Quartet.
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