Large Ensemble
Three Streams (2019), for orchestra 
Chamber Ensemble (2-8 players)
And then a cube, and then a stick, and then a stick, and then a brown (2020), for two improvisers over video chat
The Stone Cries When I Sing (2019), for horn, trumpet, trombone, and amplified cello
Precipice (2019), for trumpet in Bb and trombone
Precipice (2019), for viola and alto saxophone
Rain Droplets Dent the Ground (2018), for two percussionists
Imageries of Consciousness (2018), for wind quintet
The Moment When Turbulent Spheres Are Beautiful (2018), for horn, trombone, and Karnatak vocalist
Rotary Motion (2018), for violin, viola, trombone, and 2 percussion
Octet in Four Movements (2018), for clarinet, saxophone, violin, violoncello, double bass, piano, and 2 percussion
Meditations (2018), for flute, bassoon, vibraphone, marimba, piano, violin, and violoncello
when the Birds ; burst from our Skulls (2017), for violin, viola, and 2 percussion
Lost Mirage (2017), for flute, clarinet, cello, double bass, piano, and Karnatak vocalist 
familiarity Schisms (2017), for string quartet
Solo Works
Erratic Peaks (2020), for trombone
Transformations in pantuvarALi (2019), for violin
Nebulous III (2018), for tenor saxophone
Nebulous II (2016), for piano
Spring: the leaf and the bee (2015), for bassoon
Nebulous I (2015), for Bb clarinet
Karnatak Music Songs, for Karnatak vocalist
Naveya Hattaytu (2018), words by Pramila Sundaresh. Raga: Behag.
Shri Sharada Devi (2017), words by Pramila Sundaresh. Ragamalika. Ragas used: Shankarabharanam, Kapi, Bhairavi, Kalyani, and Charukeshi
Tape Pieces
bhagavAn (2019), for fixed tape
blurs (2020), for fixed tape
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